Miracles of Quran, watch this youtube video and reflect

Quran is not a book of Science, however unlike other Holy books of Christian and Jews which are now no more original due to human’s modification, none of the Quranic revelation were  found contradictory to  Scientific finding of 21st Century.

Since the time of Galileo, who was punished by Church for saying the truth that “The Earth is rotating on its own axis and also rotating around Sun in its orbit”. There are so many in consistencies in Bible, because it has lost its authenticity due to human’s modification.

After more than three hundred years The Pope has just acknowledged Galileo’s finding but the wrong punishment of Galileo reminds all of us that the Bible is not an original as when  it was revealed to mankind.

However, in Holy Quran, which is real miracle, there are clear Signs of Creator, for those who are sincere and willing to submit to Allah to reflect and believe. The more you study Quran and the more you will find its authenticity.

Above you tube video is among the one from plenty of Signs of the Creator.

I feel sad for Islam bashing words seen in the Original You Tube site. Islam never deny existence of Isa ( Jesus) and Bible. However, Islam rectify the wrong perception of misled people that Isa (PBUH) is only a prophet, and Bible is no more original due to modification of human.

Islam teaches us to respect the different faith and even ask to protect their place of worships in Islamic States. Otherwise there will be no more Churches in countries like Egypt, Syria, Jordan to Palestine.

Islam means peace and submission to the will of Allah.

Read the Holy Quran with sincerity. Insha Allah ( God willing) you will find the Truth.

Kyaw Kyaw Oo


3 thoughts on “Miracles of Quran, watch this youtube video and reflect

  1. muhajjirah says:

    asalaam alaikum, the above link that the brother gerard gave is controversial, as rashad khalifa was refuted by scholars in islam as spreading falsehood to the religion of Islam and had a suspicious twist to interpretation of the Quran. please delete this link or at least look further into it to confirm.

  2. kyawkyawoo says:

    W Salam
    I have checked the link and fully agreed that some of the posts there are more than controversial.
    I am going to delete it right now and May Allah bless you.Thank you so much.

  3. irfan says:

    i have no commments butt only one thing hu wal awwal aakhir zahir batin wahu wa bikulle shai en aleem

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