This blogger would like to see the bridge of all great faiths

( This blogger would like to advise the new readers to read the previous two posts before you start reading this post)

Thank you for interesting response to my previous post. Before I have started my previous post I have admitted that my knowledge is with limitation as do so you all are.

I have told you how I became a Muslim. At the same time I am well aware of only one creator for mankind, I am not confused but very clear about what I believe.

There are good Christians, Good Jews, and in Al Quran Allah clearly state as follows

Surah 2 :62

“Those who believe (in the Quran)

And those who follow the Jewish (scriptures)

And the Christians and the Sabians

And who believe in Allah

And the last Day

And work righteousness

Shall have their reward

With their Lord: on them

Shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve “

Only Allah knows the best.

My respected friend advised me to read books which are more spiritual. I do not have absolute faith on man made philosophy, logic, spiritual ( whatever you name it) as the person who produced the papers are more or less like you or me with limited dimension,knowledge and undestanding.

What we are discussing is about Divinity, and Creation. If you look into my previous posts, when we compare ourself to Grandiosity of Universe, we are not even a dot.

You have to accept whether you like it or not,that your knowledge has limitation. That is the reason, I have faith only in the book called Quran which is a Divine revelation.

I fully agree with you that Allah created Satan, Allah destroyed Nations. Allah destroyed civilisations.But for a purpose.

At the same time Allah, in Al Quran mentioned in the every beginning of Surah except for one start with Allah as Most Merciful, and All Merciful.

Because of his mercy I have the chance to type these sentences by using a computer, which was invented by Christians and people from different type of faith.

However, to me definition of believer or Muslim is only in the eyes of Allah. I may declare that I am a very good Muslim however in reality I may be not, ( In Al Quran Allah always remind mankind about hypocrites).

Being a physician for more than two decades, the more I try to explore into human physiology, anatomy, microbiology, and pathology, the more I found about wonders of creation.

My friend, as you rightly said Allah Created Satan, Allah also created anger, jealousy, insincerity, as well.

However all the human are born by default with purity. You or me or any sane humanbeing loves sincerity, truthfulness, justice and fairness, and that is all of the great religion teach mankind for so many generations.

I hope now you understand the definition of Islam and Muslim.It is not with us. It is only with Allah.

Again i would like to share with you about the Bible in Arabic also use Allah, exactly 17 times in Genesis. Allah is the perfect form of word in Arabic ( without Singular, Pleural and Gender) to call the creator.

Only point I would like to highlight again is from Ibrahim to Mohammed (PBUH) all of them are messengers of Allah and they are not Gods to be worshiped. Islam only pointed out not to worship human,but to be respected as prophets, and the rest, we will know on the day of Judgment.

That is my opinion about how I analyse my faith.

with respect to all different faith

Kyaw Kyaw Oo ( Burmese Muslim)

One thought on “This blogger would like to see the bridge of all great faiths

  1. kashmirblogs says:

    dear friend,now you look spritual,I beleive we all have limited knowledge which we have gained all our life,and this knowledge brings us to a certain level.
    To evolve more sprituality we have to literally drop everything..our knowledge,our intelligence, and above all our ego.God or Allah only knows the purpose of our life.You being a physician know that our body is composed of billions of cells.Cell is the smallest living unit of life.That means we have billions of lives inside our body..we are composed of billions of lives.but we hardly think of them.We don’t because we can’t see them with naked eyes.I feel this to be just amazing.
    You have rightly said Allah knows only why he created and destroyed civilizations.It is just impossible to analise limitless supreme who is in everything and everywhere with our limited body and senses.Keep writing

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