Yes, this blogger found the Truth in Islam

Before discussing this topic, this blogger believes that all the great religions teach good values to the Mankind.

But Which Religion brings you to the absolute truth that is the question asked by a fellow reader of this blog. My answer is Islam enlighten me the way towards the truth.

Again, he advised me to study other religions. I agree to his suggestions and followings are my opinion about other great religions.

Absolute Truth

What is absolute truth in this Universe? For the Mankind, the only absolute truth is “the death.” So far nobody in this world avoid the phenomena called death. Kings, Great Scientists, to our ancestors, all faced the death. So far nobody comes back from the death and able to tell us what death is all about.

So whether you like it or not if you are a human, you are going to face the absolute truth that is death.

Now, if you are followers of Darwin to Tom Cruise (Scientology) you will believe that our body is a lump of cells. Once the cells of your body ceased functioning the person existence in this world is over. Brain cells die in minutes. Heart Muscle cells die in hours. Kidney cell die in a day. So some of them decided to use cryogenic method

( Liquid nitrogen) to keep your cell frozen in minus degree to keep for years until one day some people will revive your life with advance technology. (Basic believes is same is Pharaoh’s mummification).

These groups of people may not find my post relevant to them.

If you believe that there is a life after death then only you will be looking or searching for the true religion.

Buddhism, which is a great religion with noble teaching, does not explain how human were created. Even the Buddha’s teaching which was the oldest among the great religions does not solve your day to day problems.

Buddha teaching is based on Karma, and only way out of this worldly desire is to abandon the social life. To me, a person may find peace of mind in Buddha’s teaching, However society as a whole will become chaotic if everybody start trying to escape from Thantahya,.( the Cycle of life before a person has enlightment)

Buddhist, questioned to the monotheist religions “If god created mankind, why would he create men with different status, different problems. Is your God is unjust?

Buddhism explains about different levels and status of mankind by the previous world’s deeds. A person suffers in this world because of the misdeed he has done in previous world. So if you want to be in a higher level in the next world try to be according to Buddha’s teaching in this life before you die. It sounds convincing in that aspect as we human,when struck by calamities, started to ask the question of “why me”.

In summary Buddhism is a religion which advocates the avoidance of wants of this world. People may have peace of mind however impact towards the society resulting inefficient, simple society without progress parallel with the progress of human history.

Buddhism does not explain the purpose of creation of mankind and this universe.

Now you decide to look into creator. Definitely there is only one creator for all mankind.

Another thing you should bear in the mind when you search for a creator is your logic and knowledge has limitation, which is based on dimensions .Basic dimensions are time, space and motion. Now we all know that there are more than these dimensions. In other words, Creator who created us is beyond the dimension and he has created the dimensions of this Universe. So you will never find the truth if you are arrogant and pretend to know everything without understanding your own limitation.

Let us start with Christianity.

My questions are simple. Islam accepts Jesus as our holy prophet. Only problem is Bible is no more original and authentic as it was revealed to Jesus and everybody knows that St Paul is the person, who really wrote the Bible.

Another problem is “Original sins” why do other human suffers for the sin someone has done long time before?

Another problem is “Trinity”. Islam sees Trinity as blasphemy as the Creator status is down to human status by reproducing another human, Jesus.

In Holy Quran, there are so many Surahs explaining about Jesus, mother Mary.

The verse name “Surah Mariam (Mary)” explained about the missing links and wrong concepts in Bible.

In short Islam actually support that Jesus is a holy prophet and rectify the misconceptions of Bible.

Again, if Christianity goes with trinity concept some scholars says Christianity is not Monotheism and it is Polytheism as they believe in more than one God.

Judaism is very close to Islam. Moses is accepted as holy prophet by Islam. However Torah has lost its authenticity that Quran rectify for further clarification.

Judaism is religion of a race(Jews). So this religion will never become a universal religion like Islam.

This blogger reads the Holy Quran several times. The more I read the more I find about the truth, purpose of creation, and living according to the will of Allah.

For further discussion and detailed study of Al Quran regarding, basic teaching, science, to Universe, one may need patience and open mind. Before discussing about Allah, the only creator of mankind, one has to remove the cloak called Arrogance from his mind.

Since this blogger is aware of limitation of my knowledge and submitted to the will of Allah, that is the reason why this blogger said the truth is only in Islam.

This post is all about this blogger‘s opinion and how this blogger became a Muslim.

With respect to all different faith,

Kyaw Kyaw Oo ( Burmese Muslim)


5 thoughts on “Yes, this blogger found the Truth in Islam

  1. dougrogers says:

    You say: “Buddhism, which is a great religion with noble teaching, does not explain how human were created. Even the Buddha’s teaching which was the oldest among the great religions does not solve your day to day problems.”

    Well, to the first point, there is a rather obscure sutra which does address this, but, really Buddhism does address directly how we are created. The answer is that we create ourselves and there is no first cause, so at a certain point it’s a dog chasing it’s tail. The practice is to transcend seeking along this chain of causes and living now.

    Secondly, when ( Dukkha is understood, you know that it isn’t about solving the day to day problems. They’re always going to be there.

  2. kashmirblogs says:

    hi Dude! you write well but You writing seem to be inclined more towards Islam.You are justifying islam.You are trying to say That islam is the only religion and other religions are just imaginations of fools.
    Where will a noble man who is a christian and had lived all his life serving mankind go after death?Will he go to Buddha,Swarg,Jannat or heaven?I am definitely sure he will feel to be a misfit if he goes to jannat?Because his idea of heaven and his language is different?
    You have reffered Allah has creator only!Isn”t Allah the destroyer also???Why does Islam blame everything bad on satan? Who is satan?And who created satan?
    You don’t look at the totality-Life can not be without death or vice versa.
    You seem to get confused by terminology. Confusion of terminology is the root cause of all political and social unrest all over world.If you want to evolve stop reading any religious books and instead read books on sprituality.write on sprituality.Religion divides and sprituality unites.God,Allah,Buddha,Or jehovah are a terminology basically Different names of same power who has created this whole universe.All the best.

  3. hassanoct15 says:

    My question toDave

    Do you think it is OK to legalize abortion to kill millions of unborn Children every year as outcome of adultery ?

    Is stealing of people money as a form of disguise as stock and share market or casinos and gambling which make millions of people jobless, bankrupt and committing suicide is OK ?

    Please answer my questions Dave

    Islam forbids Adultery, gambling and stealing not for the benefit of few people. Islam protect all Muslims from such an unbelievable socioeconomic chaos.


    Kyaw Kyaw Oo ( Burmese Muslim)

  4. lal says:

    Quran says to flog the adulteres, stoning to death is in hadith,which is not reliable, because it contradict quran,. My advise to muslims and non muslim to read quran and understand it from quran not from the TAFSIR and sterio type translations by ullamas.

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