Islam is religion of Love and peace


This blogger has read a political blog posted by a Burmese Buddhist this morning. He has accused Islam, Christian and Hindu does not know how to send Myitta or Love to others.

This blogger does not want to discuss or defend for Christians and Hindus. However, Islam is misunderstood by others as a religion of terror and intolerance.

The name Islam itself is peace. Whenever Muslim greets see each other first word come out from each person is “Asslamualaikum” means “May Peace be upon you”.

Muslim population in this world is more than a billion. Just imagine how many millions or billions times of Asslamualaikum have said among Muslims. In other words Muslims are saying peace to each others billions times a day.

This blogger would like to say that Muslims ( those who’s belief in faith of Islam) are the most peace loving people in this world.

However, in everyday news, you may see the word Islamic Terrorist, now and then from Western news media.It was repeated again and again until people subconsciously accept that Islam together with terror. That is called conditioned reflex.

During the cold war the word” Islamic Terrorism” was unheard for all of us.

US has trained and helped Afghan Mujahidin to fight Russian. They use the same guerrilla war fare method that US is facing right now in Afghanistan and Iraq . However during those period Islam was not branded or linked with terrorism.

After September 11 attack on World Trade Center, than only Islamic Xenophobia spread to almost all the western hemisphere.

Palestinians who were defending their land, Taliban who were fighting against US force and Iraqi who were fighting against the invaders became Islamic Fundamentalists and terrorists.

This blogger feels that if a country is under attack the people of respective country with any faith ( Islam,Christian, Hindu) will fight back the invaders.That is nothing to do with religion. That is the war between nations for various purpose( to control a territory, or resources or for ideology).

Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos fought back against US invasion. However, that time they were only branded as Communists.

This blogger has the opinion that any Religions and Societies have extremism. It is well known that among the Christians, Hindus, and Jews, there are extremists groups. However they were not named as Christian Fundamentalist Terrorists or Hindu Fundamentalist terrorist. Jews are the nation of extremist as majority voted for Zionist Regime to run the country.

However majority of the people of great religions want to stay in peace and harmony.

Islam is misunderstood by people of other faith as intolerant religion without love and peace. Please visit any Islamic Community around you and you will hear people saying ” Asslamulaikum” as a first word, before any Muslim start a conversion.

Islam is indeed the religion enriched with Love and Peace.This blogger genuinely hope that those who can reflect with intellect will try to understand more about Islam,the Only Religion That will lead you to the Truth.

Kyaw Kyaw Oo( Burmese Muslim)

4 thoughts on “Islam is religion of Love and peace

  1. kashmirblogs says:

    I appreciate your writing.The basic principles of religions remain same.But dude,I don’t completely agree with you that Islam is the only religion that will lead you to truth.This “only” and “exclusive” tags are used by those people who want people to divide on religion.You should first learn about other religions and then write.Any ways have you found truth???

  2. seeker after Truth says:

    Islam dont want to divide the people on religions, accepting the islam is same as accepting all other religions. Indeed, Islam is the conclusion of the messages that the all enlightened people on earth (prophets) has taught.

    And about the iraq and others, you cannot conclude simply like that. they are muslims but their actions are not the teaching of Islam. Dont you have thiefs , murders in the followers of your religions.

  3. islamandmuslims says:

    Islam is a great religion thats why I made an Islamic blog. Hopefully you can visit it.

    I will shortly add lesson to word to word translation of the quran and the summary of the specific verses.
    Tell all you know about my blog. Thank you !!

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