A Burmese Muslim’s letter to Burma Digest

Interesting letter from a Burmese Muslim

Copied from Burma Digest

on 28 Aug 2007 at 1:09 pm1 AHBO

Well Sir,
I am a Burmese Muslim and suffer SOME of the facts stated in your article, on the other hand, one will gain sympathy from others ONLY IF he or she behave well. The reflection is important. Wearing long robes keeping beard and ladies hiding behind the burka or nikaf is self invented separation. I am Burmese citizen then i should follow the culture of this ( Great ) Nation. A full Burmese dress code for lady is acceptable for Sariah ( in this case please compare out dress and those arab countries’ lady dress on sett lite TV.
Our guys behavior and manners also MUST change from arrogant to polite as per sunnah. After all a guest should abide the rule of the house owner. Though our great grand fathers migrated hundreds of years..we are still the guests to someone mind and we should practice Islam in accordance with Burmese culture as Malays follow in their way not by the
Arab culture.
Salam / AHBO


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