New Robotic Bird and Islam

Watch the Video of Robotic Bird

This is the video of a latest Robotic Parrot created with Artificial Intelligence to imitate the real Parrots movement and sound. It is the latest among the Robots which really look like the real Parrot in the movement, by using the latest version of Fuzzy Logic software.

Please stop reading and watch the video until it finishes.

I am sorry for not telling the truth. This is the real bird I have uploaded from youtube video.

When you read the first paragraph, I am very sure your brain is working and analysing, this blogger’s statement while looking at the video.

Those who believe that the bird is the robot will admire the creator of the robot bird, may be a Robot Wizard. Wow, It looks great like a real bird.! He must be a very smart scientist. His robotic engineering is wonderful. Different people with different way of admiration( In reality the science is still far away to create a single movement of real bird) Same as when we see the latest technology, beautiful latest model cars or what ever we are quick to admire the manufacturers.

My question is we as Muslims,why could not see the signs of creator as they are are everywhere?Why all of us forget about admiring the Creator, Allah SWT.

Look at the bird example. To make a single movement the bird has to use so many different types of muscles in synchronize way. How this bird can fly after eating only seeds and grains. How the bird get the energy to fly in all the different directions in a very beautiful way, normal air plane can not do.

We are quick to admire fellow human for creating something which is incomparable to the creation of Allah SWT. Please look at the sky, look around you, from the stars to the trees from the ants to the whales, there are signs of Allah SWT for all of us to reflect.

We should not forget to admire Allah SWT. Through that Insha Allah we will have Taqwa(The Respect, Love and Fear of Allah) and be grateful to the Creator of This Universe.

Allah Knows the best

Kyaw Kyaw Oo ( Burmese Muslim)


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