Benazir Bhutto, Courageous Leader, Lost for the Muslim World


“In a society becoming increasingly intolerant, she was being viewed by the international community as a person who could make a difference as a moderate politician, who, if she came to power, could turn the tide of religious extremism in this country,”

Zaffar Abbas, an editor for the respected Dawn newspaper.

This blogger does not know very well about internal politics of Pakistan. This blogger does not know detailed about late Benazir Bhutto.

However one thing very sure about her is she was a very courageous lady. Please think of your own self. If you know little about Pakistan’s politics and in the situation like this will you be going back to Pakistan from UK.?

Some may argue that she has decided to go back because she wanted the power. I do not think so by judging her speech and through the media news.

She was well aware of the risk, which was her life. She has three teenage children. As a mother she said she loves her children as well as children of Pakistan. She wants Pakistan to be out of Military Rule.

We do not know who was the assassin as he has blown up by himself after killing Benazir. From Islamic perspective he has made double sins.

First he has killed the fellow Muslim Lady, who has vast potential to make the betterment of his country. Secondly, and cowardly, he has killed himself. That is not a suicide bomber. He is a coward, by using the name of Islam, killing fellow Muslims and ran away from the Justice.

If he is doing this with a valid reason ( which i don’t think) he should allow himself to be arrested as a man, and face the court to Judge his action.

I feel sad for our Muslim brothers to let our own blood to flow by tarnishing the name of Islam.

May Allah allow Benazir to rest in peace.

Kyaw Kyaw Oo ( Burmese Muslim)

Allah knows the best


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