Military Junta Ordered to close Mosques in Burma


A Damage Mosque during one of the Anti Muslim Riots in Burma

Small Mosques in Rangoon Division were ordered to close by the authority without giving reasons. Only the Mosques for the townships are allowed to open after signing the agreement not to perform the prayers, according to Irrawaddy News.

For the recent Qurbani Eid, the managements of the small Mosques were forced to pay the bribe of 100,000 Kyats, only to get the temporary permission to celebrate the Eid for a day.

Observers said that this action could be due to the involvement of Burmese Muslims in the recent August- September Saffron Revolution.

Muslims in Burma have been the scapegoat of the Dictators of Burma for generations to divert the public attention from the political and economic crisis in Burma.

Mosques were destroyed and Muslims were killed in anti Muslim riots created by the Military Junta of Burma. However Burmese Muslims, unlike Chinese, always participate in the cause of the Liberation of Burma from British Colonial period until current Military Regime.

To read the full text in Burmese


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