Discussion with a Non Muslim Professor 2

Thank you for your comments regarding the above posts. The continuation of the post which was meant by the blogger was the ” Witnessing the power of Allah (SWT)”.

The recent photos of a Jet stream from a dyeing Galaxy is a wonderful Sign of the creator for all of us to reflect. The Jet Stream’s (Blue in colour) cross section according to NASA , is 1000 Light Years. There are billions of Galaxies in this Universe.

People who are unable to accept the Creator are also refused to accept the limitation of their logic and knowledge which is merely a RAM in his brain. Because they are Arrogant!

Today’s Genius brain will become a lump of brain tissues , which nobody wants to keep, if he dies tomorrow.

What we are seeing as the bright stars in this Cosmic World may be actually black holes by now, and there are a lot of unseen in this Universe. Our Creator, who created us is also the creator of the Time, Space and motion and other dimensions.

Since Allah created the dimensions,he does not follow the dimensions that he has created. So Allah is beyond the dimensions that we human understand. Allah is beyond the Humans logic.

Only way the Human can find the Creator is by sincere submission to Allah with Takwa, (love, fear, and sincere respect) and communicate through the prayer, then only you will be able to find the Divinity of Allah. (If God Wills)

Allah knows the best.

Kyaw Kyaw Oo ( Burmese Muslim)


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