No Secular reporter in Islam, She does not know the true teaching of Islam


The blogger decided to write this post after reading the

Hajj intimidating for secular reporter

By SCHEHEREZADE FARAMARZI, Associated Press Writer from the AP news.

It sounds interesting to read the head line of the news reported by a so called Muslim Secular Reporter.

After reading the few paragraphs of the report I could easily conclude her as a person who does not know what Islam is all about.

That is the main problem with the Modern day Muslims ( They like to be branded as Modern Muslims, in reality Muslims has no Older version). To me whether the person is Muslim or not will be judged by Allah. We as an ordinary people have no way to know what is in somebody’s mind.

However reporter like SCHEHEREZADE FARAMARZI, It is obvious that the motive of writing the report is clearly to discredit Islam. She wrote,

“Many pilgrims talk of the physical arduousness of hajj as a test of faith. But, as I found, it also makes keeping your mind on faith difficult.”

“I stopped to perform the noon prayers at the gate of the Grand Mosque, standing shoulder to shoulder with other women and with men in the “ihram” — the required garb for male pilgrims, white pieces of terrycloth, one around the waist, another slung over the shoulder.”

“But it’s hard to concentrate — not only because I don’t really know how to pray, but also because of the shoving of other pilgrims trying to get to the front of the line.

The layers of white fabric around my head and neck were suffocating and distracting — I don’t normally wear a head scarf — and I looked with envy at the men praying next to me with their bare arms and necks.

Glancing at other worshippers, I tried to follow the prayer movements: standing straight, bowing with hands on the knees, placing the forehead on the floor as in yoga.

As I prostrated, the rear end of a man in front of me hit me in the face; later his heels were almost in my mouth.”

It is obvious that she even does not know how to pray. The worse part of her report was she compares the Prostration with Yoga.

Is she a Secular Muslim Reporter or Unbeliever who tried to tarnish the Image of Islam ?

Haj, according to the Muslim Scholars is the Grand Rehearsal of the day of Judgement and day of Resurrection. Modern science also clearly stated that there will be the end of this Universe.

Holy Quran clearly stated the situation of the end of this world in so many verses.

Just imagine in the recent Tsunami or earthquakes, how people ran for their lives when the calamities set upon them.

Haj, as the reporter said

The mass of humanity is awe-inspiring — and that is part of the point. The hajj is a deeply personal rite for the faithful, a chance to get closer to God, walk in the footsteps of Muhammad and Abraham and receive the forgiveness of sins. But it is also a communal experience, a symbol of the unity of the Islamic world.

The Haj is giving the good lessons to those who are arrogant about the topics such as Muslims, secular, educated, rich, cleanliness, rituals, intelligent, fundamentalist, death, Resurrection, the faith and the Creator Allah.

I wish this reporter has a chance to enlighten her corrupt mind before her appointed time.

To read her original full text;_ylt=Aud_hViBSXtaM.b86KBKuXlvaA8F


Allah Knows the best

Kyaw Kyaw Oo ( A Burmese Muslim)


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