Discussion with a non Muslim Professor.


I have just spoken to a very senior Mathematics Professor who is a Non Muslim about his faith.

He said he does not believe in any religion. However he could not rule out whether the Creator is there on not. He has an opinion of the possibility of having a creator as the creation of this earth, human body to the universe is so wonderful.

He continued the discussion by saying as a mathematician the Creation can not be proved to him beyond the reasonable doubt. So he said he will leave the part of the creation as ? for him until his death.

So he tried to be a good person. Now he is 70 years old. And he said” if there is a creator and if he send me to the hell after my death, I would say he is unfair as I did not do any major sin in my life. I am a good person”

There are a so many people like him out there. What do you think about his argument from Islamic perspective?

Kyaw Kyaw Oo

Let me continue the post.( after 6 hrs)

In my discussion with the Professor, he said ” I have not done any sin probably because I am quite comfortable as a Professor, but if I am a poor person or in different society I may be a different person”.

That is the difference between a believer and a non believer. The Believer has the Divine guide book called Quran. In this book Allah, the Creator, tells the Mankind of his Laws.

A believer will always follow the Allah’s Law, in any circumstances. Whether he is in very comfortable situation or in very difficult situation he will always obey Allah’s order.

It is due to Taqwa (Love, Respect and Fear ) towards our Creator. The true believer will be ready to die if Allah ask us to die. In few days, Muslims of this world will be going to celebrate Hari Raya Qurban or Eid Qurban as remembrance of Prophet Ibrahim’s obedience of the Divine order.

In my opinion this Professor, even he is old and well educated is

1. Ignorant

2.Arrogant person.

He is Ignorant that’s why he could not see the Sign of the Creator and he could not reflect.

It shows that very educated person will not necessarily become a believer because of his knowledge or education. Some Orientalists and the Social Scientists who may produce tons of research papers never become true believer because they are Ignorant.

Arrogance is another reason preventing a person to become a believer. Islam means total submission to the will of Allah. Islam does not follow the majority’s view or idea. Islam does not follows the logical explanation as our logic is only applicable to the dimensions that human understand.

Please remember that we are not even a dot in this Universe and Allah created the Time, Space and Motion. Allah does not follow the dimension that he has created.

So, the person who can not see the signs of the Creator, and unable to reflect must be Ignorant and Arrogant person.

Allah knows the best.

Kyaw Kyaw Oo

  1. He is a sinner and will perish. The Koran explicitly commands the people to follow the word of Allah. Those who reject this message are to perish as a consequence. Comment by johnnypeepers | December 17, 2007 <!– @ 10:36 am –> | Edit
  2. well everything is created in such order and perfect measurements shows that its created….give him an english translation or whatever language he undertsands of Quran….cuz it is a guide for all humanity…. Comment by rayyan | December 17, 2007 <!– @ 3:19 pm –> |
  3. I would like to see a continuation of the topic

  4. Kyaw Kyaw Oo  Thank you for your comments

5 thoughts on “Discussion with a non Muslim Professor.

  1. rayyan says:

    well everything is created in such order and perfect measurements shows that its created….

    give him an english translation or whatever language he undertsands of Quran….cuz it is a guide for all humanity….

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