Islam is the religion easy to follow ( Burmese Muslims part1)


Andoromeda Galaxy(Nearest Galaxy to the earth)

Distance 2.3 Million Light years


The Ring Nebula

Distance 1140 light yers


The Veil Nebula

Distance 1300 light years

(Do you realize that you are not even a dot in this Universe created by Allah (SWT)?

1. Explanation about Islam (Islam is the religion easy to follow)

The blogger briefly mentioned about who are the Burmese Muslims. And explanation as a Burmese Muslim to non Muslim friends about Identity of a Muslim in Burma.

Next, let me continue with the very common questions asked by non Muslim friends to Muslims in Burma.

If you are Muslim in Childhood you will be asked these questions by the non Muslim friends

1. Why can’t you eat the pork ?

2. why you need to go for circumcision?

3.Where is your God ? Can you show your God?

4.Why, at the time of prayer, you Muazim make the loud sounds? ( Azam)

5. Why cant you pay respect like us to Monks or parents and teachers, in prostration?

As a child in Burma these are the questions asked by my friends and I was unable to answer as I did not know how to answer.

Now, my brothers in Islam from Burma, do you think you can answer these questions for your sons or daughters ?

Next when you become a teenage then you will be asked

1. Why cant Muslim marry to Non Muslim?

2. Why somebody wants to marry Muslim has to covert into Islam first?

3.Why you have certain form of dress code?

4. Why you need to pray 5 times a day?

5. Is it true that when Muslims fast, you are even not allowed to swallow your saliva?

When you are in adulthood

1.Why can’t you drink beer?

2.How come you are allowed to marry four wives?

3.Why you need to slaughter cows or goat, sheep on your Eid Festival ?

These are basic questions to test your faith and asked about the basic knowledge of Islam by non Muslim friends.

Are you ready to answer these questions until he convinced. Then Insha Allah you will be doing very good job by building bridges with other religions. And even you can Invite your friend to the way of Truth, is Islam.

Being a medical professional I could give ample of evidence that pork is bad for your health. However the true answer should be Taqwa which is fear and love to the Creator of the Mankind, so we obey his order.

So as a Muslim, do you know what is in the Holy Quran saying about eating pork?When I was young what I was told about pig was, if you see a pig you have to remove one eye lash.So if you see a herd of pigs then you will be without eye lashes.

When I did my medicine I understand that Pork is also protein. So why Allah make it forbidden. Chickens and geese in Burmese Villages are also dirty too why pork was not allowed. That was the question in my mind as a young science student.

When I studied the Holy Quran, and when I believed that the Holy Quran is the word of Allah, then with Taqwa, you are ready to obey all of his command whether you understand with limited knowledge or you don’t understand.

Understanding of pork is unhealthy is a human understanding, but we follow because it is Divine Revelation , however, our Creator Allah allows us to eat pork in the situation like famine and life and death. Allah knows best.

Some of our non Muslim friends are afraid of what they think is blind faith.( Actually if you understand the basic physics, Allah is beyond the dimensions that we understand-So your logical search of the Creator is illogical,however you can use your logic and intellect to reflect what our Creator says-then Submit to Allah)

However, once you understand that you are even not a single dot in this Universe created by Allah (SWT) and once you believe that the Holy Quran is the divine revelation, Islam is the religion which is very easy to follow.

To answer the other questions that I mentioned above, you must have basic knowledge about Islam. How do you get the knowledge of Islam?

From your parents? From your friends? Foll0wing what your ancestors has been doing for generations?

No, THE TRUTH IS IN THE HOLY QURAN, the Divine Revelation from the our creator Allah (SWT).

So, have you ever read Quran in your life. Or you just recite in some occasions like someones death, or some special days only.

Most of the time Is your Quran hung over the wall, or placed in a special place, without being read.?

Have you ever tried to read Quran to understand the real meaning of Islam?

We, as Burmese Muslims should try to read and understand the real meaning of our Creator’s words.

Allah knows the best.


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