Why Burmese Muslim could not follow certain cultures of Burma.

Islam is the Truth, The Religion revealed to the mankind by the Creator. Those who believe in the faith of Islam are called Muslim.

Burmese Muslims are the Burmese ( who are Burmese Citizens) who’s faith is Islam. There are American Muslims, British Muslims,Chinese Muslims…or even if Eskimos who’s faith is Islam may become Eskimo Muslim.

Once you become a Muslim you are abided to follow the Law of the Creator, Allah (SWT). These laws of Allah was reveled to Prophet Muhammed (PBUH),1400 years ago. The compilation of the revealed words of Allah is the book called Holy Quran.

Even non Muslims historians, agreed that the Holy Quran was preserved exactly the same as the time of the Prophet Muhammed first received revelation until now.

Let me discuss the reasons why Muslims in Burma were misunderstood by our non Muslim Burmese .

1. Burmese Muslims were unable to explain why they have to do this.

2.Burmese thought that Islam is the religion of Indians.

3. Mixture of other culture brought into Islam portraying that is Islamic way.

4. Global politics. Now the majority of the Developed World see Islam as a threat. Western media propaganda of Islamic Fundamentalist, Islamic extremism, Terrorist influenced Non Muslim perception of Islam.

1.Burmese Muslim needs to Expain

It is quite clear that we, Burmese Muslim are in very difficult situation in Military ruled Burma, as Burmese Generals are extreme materialists and atheist. This is the time Generals are killing Monks and sealing up of the Monastery in Burma. So Minority non Buddhist like Muslims and Christians are very careful not to be exterminated by the Generals.

Burmese are very lovely tolerant people, When we discussed about Kalar, a derogatory word for Muslims, some say that I have given my son name Kalar. There are so many U Kalars who are Buddhists. So why it is a big deal?

Normally Muslims in Burma are Ok with being called as Kalar in light humorous manner. However, for instance, this blogger has no Indian Blood, being called as Kalar just because my faith is Islam, then I need to explain about all the Burmese Muslims are not Indian.

Again, India is a world super power country and if you have Indian blood that nothing to be ashamed of being called as Indian Muslim as in US their are millions of Indian Americans proudly saying they are from India. The friction point for me is my father, mother, my Grandparents from both of my parents and my Great garnd parents were all Burmese who’s faith were Islam. My Great Grand parents photos, which were taken in early 20th Century showed that they were typical Burmese with Yaung Htone and Htine Mathane.

Some of the Burmese Chinese who migrated into Burma later, who does not speak nor write Burmese well started calling me as Kalar then I became angry. Because I am a pure Burmese who believe in Islam.

The current Military Government started new identity card showing mine as Indian and I was very angry. If they want somebody to place his roots as Indian, they have to prove that I am of Indian descendant.

Just simply because the person’s faith is Islam , he has lost his root is the out right discrimination of Religion. Also against the Universal Declaration of Freedom of Worship.

Let me continue the post later


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