Miracle of the Holy Quran: “Lying Sinful forelock”

Allow me to share with blog readers both Muslims and non Muslim, who have genuine desire to find the truth about the Miracles in Holy Quran , declaring that it is Divine Revelation.

We called Burmese Generals Evil. Who are the Evil people? In Holy Quran the Creator of mankind declared that

“No Indeed; surely, if he gives not over, We shall seize him by the forelock, a lying, sinful forelock!” (96 : 15-16)

( كلا لئن لم ينته لنسفعًا بالناصية * ناصية كاذبة خاطئة) ( العلق :16 – 15)

This is from the first Surah that revealed to the Prophet Muhammed ( PBUH), and the original theme was

Allah the Almighty speaks of Abu Jahl (an inveterate enemy of Islam, who used to insult prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and his followers).

Forelock can be translated into forehead in the plain English. What lies behind the forehead and it’s siginificance are as follows ( The portion of the brain that lies just behind the forelock or forehead is called the Frontal Lobe)

  • So, what is the reason underlying the use of forelock? What is the hidden organ behind the forehead – that part which is responsible for the person’s character and which controls man’s behaviour and actions of truthfulness and lying, right and wrong, and which if subjugated, man’s behaviour can be controlled, as indicated in the book of “Gray’s anatomy ” edited by Warwick & Williams.
  • The frontal lobe is characterized, apart from the animal counterpart, with the regions responsible for behaviour and speech being developed and distinct as per the anatomic and functional levels.
  • Since the Prefrontal cortex lies directly behind the forehead and deep under the forelock, it directs some of man’s behaviour such as characteristics of truthfulness and lying, right and wrong, and distinguishes among each of these characteristics.

Frontal lobes of brain are considered the centre of the initiative of lying. All mental activities of lying are conducted therein and then transferred to messengers organs through the action of lying. The evil actions are also planned for in this lobe before being transferred to action organs. The lobe is also responsible for wrong actions being a centre of direction and control, as indicated in Encyclopaedia Britannica.

This is the famous Hadith (Saying of Prohet Muhammed (PBUH) about the Forelock,

O, my Lord I am Your slave and the son of Your slave and the son of Your bondmaid, my forelock is at Your Hands, … ” .

This Hadith reveals that man’s fate is at Allah’s Hands, as well as man’s forelock, thus indicating, as the Verse above, that the forelock plays an important role in guiding and controlling man’s behaviour.

In the Surah 96 Allah also ask those who wants to be near to him to “Prostrate”. Prostration is the most humble position of Human, by touching the forehead to the ground towards the direction of the Holy Kaaba, in Saudi Arabia.

Some physicians have the opinion of Brain having a pineal body which is rich in iron. By touching the ground with direction towards the Holy Kaaba may change the chemistry of Brain as now we all know about electro meganatic fields spreading over the earth.

The miracle side:

The miracle side in the above Quranic verse and the Honourable Hadith of the Prophet is that they refer very accurately to the frontal lobe, lying deep at man’s forelock, as being the centre of decision to control man’s actions of truthfulness, lying, right, wrong, balance or perversion. This has been revealed by modern scientific studies in the second half of the 20th century.

for futhur reading


The Evil Junta of Burma have Lying Sinful Forelock, so that on the day of resurrection they will be grabbed away by their forelock and thrown into the Hell Fire.

Allah knows Best


4 thoughts on “Miracle of the Holy Quran: “Lying Sinful forelock”

  1. ahmed says:

    I am writing a islamic book about “lying and talking haram” and I have used some of your sources so I just want to confirm it with you if I have your permission.

    my email: imee_4@hotmail.com

  2. Nadia says:

    Mashallah this post should be published Universally to show people why preying is a command from ALLAH(SWT) and why it is so important.Thank you for this eye awaking information.Inshallah you will be congratulated.

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