The truth of Israel behind Burmese Junta,directing anti Muslim policy



The truth is there are numbers of Burmese working in Israel as workers. Most of them are

family members of Burmese Army Soldiers.

Israel has been helping in changing Avionics of Burmese Air Force Jet fighters bought from China with more advanced one manufactured by them.

Israel has been long time ally of Burmese Military Government,preaching about a small country surrounded by populous Muslim Countries like Bangladesh, and part of India.

Another point Israel used to preach the Southeast Asian country is theory of Pan Islamic South East Asia. Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei are Muslim countries. If Thailand’s Muslim minority become powerful and asking for autonomy from its government, there may be domino effect, in which in Burma also Muslims may ask for own Autonomous state may be in Yakhine state for Rohingya’s.

That sounds scary for Junta. Junta rather wants Burmese to be diluted by Chinese who are willing to follow any faith as they do not have any principle faith, and their ideology, Communism facing Dilemma as Chinese Communist Government is openly supporting the oppressors.

In my opinion Chinese and Israel has similar attributes towards Burma.

1. Helping the Evil regime of Burma

2.Teaching how to effectively suppress the minority groups

Israel has vast experience of effectively controlling and intimidating Palastines for several decades. From travel restrictions of Burmese Muslims, to other discriminating policy such as not issuing birth certificate to Muslim newborn, denying full citizenship of the Burmese Muslims those are Burmese who’s faith is Islam are all due to Israel advice.

In South East Asia, Israel’s has two strategic allies. One is Burma and another country is among the world riches countries, even though it is very small in size.

As I mentioned in previous post, we can not blame for others for what we are today. However, all of us should have bigger brain, bigger eyes and bigger ears, so that we can understand what is really unfolding behind the scene.

( Israel has already denied any supports towards Military Junta of Burma, however these facts I have mentioned above are the truth, and Allah knows the best)


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